Why You Should Trust Your BMW Battery Replacement To Our Experienced Import Car Experts

When it's time to service or maintain your BMW, you probably take it to a qualified BMW repair facility to have brakes serviced, tires rotated, and fluids and filters changed. However, if you are handy with a wrench, you may ask yourself questions like, “Can I Replace a BMW battery myself?” and “Why do I need to have my BMW battery changed by an expert?” The answer to the first question is easy. Yes, you probably can, but you shouldn’t. You’ve made a significant investment in your vehicle. It’s unwise to cut corners for the sake of saving a few dollars. Read on for the answer to the second question.

Battery ReplacementThe Battery is the Heart of Your Vehicle: It Deserves Professional BMW Battery Replacement

While it's possible for many people to buy a car battery at an auto-repair shop, remove their old battery, and hook up the new one, it is far wiser to entrust this job to an expert BMW repair and maintenance facility. One reason is that a professional BMW service center will replace your BMW battery with a powerful, durable original-equipment BMW battery that delivers outstanding performance and extreme resilience you can count on.

Trustworthy Power for Your Vehicle

When your car is powered by a superior OEM BMW battery, you have the peace of mind knowing you’ll receive a reliable energy supply even in extreme heat and cold. When you rely on a generic battery from your local auto parts store to do the job, you never know when your BMW’s many battery-dependent comfort functions (including seat heating and seat adjustment) and efficient dynamics features (including auto start and stop) will create too much drain on the battery and prevent these features from working properly.

Battery Service from L&M Foreign Cars

When it's time to replace your car’s battery, trust the job to the most skilled BMW service specialists Brooklyn, NY has to offer. You can find them at our Utica Avenue BMW specialty shop, L&M Foreign Cars. Not only will our friendly BMW service experts replace your battery, they’ll also evaluate the battery connections and make sure there are no additional maintenance needs. They will also register your new battery. This is something do-it-yourselfers can’t easily do. Registration ensures that you’ll enjoy unrestricted use of all of your BMW’s comfort and efficient dynamics functions.

Additionally, we will dispose of your old battery in an environmentally friendly manner. (You can’t simply toss a car battery in the trash, as it’s considered hazardous.)

Your BMW is a fine piece of machinery and probably one of your biggest investments. Don’t cut corners when it’s time to replace your battery. Instead,contact us for expert battery replacement. We’ll do the job right and take care of disposal and registration so you don’t have to.


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