Maintenance support for Land Rover owners

To keep your vehicle in top working order, service your Land Rover at regular manufacturers selected intervals, this may include 15,000 mile service, 25,000 mile service, 35,000 mile service and on, depending on the year make and model of your Land Rover.


Is your Land Rover suspension going down overnight?
Is your Land Rover suspension not going down at all?
Is it tipping on one side?

Land Rover suspension service is one of our special specialties.
Land Rovers have complex suspension systems that center around a few major components, air-struts, Level sensors air-lines and a compressor.  As your Land Rover beings to age the rubber seals in your air-struts may begin to leak.  As this happens you may notice that your car sometimes leans to one side, you may hear the sound of your compressor more than usual, or you may receive an “air suspension inactive” message.  It’s important to bring your car in as soon as this begins as waiting usually results in a more expensive service.
The reason for this is as follows.  As your compressor fights to keep your suspension level it runs longer and more frequently in order replace the air in the leaky strut.  The frequent use causes it to burn out that much sooner, adding a new compressor costing over $1000 to your suspension work repair bill.
On Many Land Rover models today a suspension a conversion kit is available.  This involves switching your Land Rover over from an air-strut system to a conventional strut system, with the major benefits being cost and reliability.  The cost of converting you Land Rover suspension system is often less than the cost of replacing a single air-strut.
If the conversion is done correctly your Land rover should have no service, warning lights or error messages on your console, and you’ll have a far more reliable Land Rover.

Land Rover Service & maintenance for brakes

  • Inspecting proper brake pad and rotor wear for evenness and thickness.
  • Checking calipers are functioning properly both electronically and mechanically

Land Rover Service & maintenance for fluids

  • Brake fluid level
  • Brake fluid type
  • Coolant level
  • Coolant type
  • Transmission fluid level
  • Transmission fluid condition

Land Rover Service & maintenance for oil

  • Oil level
  • Oil condition
  • Oil type
  • Oil filter

Land Rover Service & maintenance for transmission

  • Electronic TCU scan
  • Transmission mount inspection
  • Transmission fluid level inspection

Land Rover Service & maintenance for Tires

  • Inspecting tire tread thickness
  • Inspecting general tire wear and tear
  • Checking proper tire pressure and tire direction
  • Tire rotation when necessary and appropriate

Land Rover Service & maintenance for suspension

  • Inspecting spring condition
  • Inspecting spring mount condition
  • Inspecting shock condition
  • Inspecting shock mount condition
  • Upper and lower control arm inspection
  • Upper and lower Tie rod end inspection
  • Stabilizer bar inspection

Land Rover Service & maintenance for engine

  • Electronic DME scan
  • Engine mount inspection
  • Transmission mount inspection
  • Undercarriage leak inspection
  • Secondary air system inspection and hose replacement
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Air Filter replacement
  • Clean and blowout of passages
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