Choosing a good repair shop to maintain your vehicle will be a key decision in how long your vehicle will last, and how reliable it will perform.

A good relationship with a mechanic is priceless, as anyone can attest.  Many issues come into play when maintaining you vehicle.  Is this necessary now?  Will I be saving money in the long run?  Are there more important repairs that I should be fixing?  Are the parts original and of good quality?  What's the next repair I should be saving up for?

Here at L&M Foreign Cars we've been providing quality maintenance and repair to BMW, AUDI, Range Rover, Mini Cooper, and Mercedes for over 50 years.  We understand the importance of maintaining a good customer relationship is as important as performing a good service on your vehicle.  After all, no matter how good of a job we do, at the end of the day it is the customer who needs to feel good about the money they spend with us for the service they receive.  We will work hard every day to make sure you are kept informed of what service is needed, why it was needed and how important it is.


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