Service & Repair of BMW vehicles in Brooklyn

TOP 5 Must Do Services For your BMW

1)    Clean your passages!
First off, what are “passages” and how do I clean them?
Imagine the passages on your BMW as gutters along the roof of a house; Just like the gutters on the roof get clogged with leaves, so do the passages on your BMW.  These passages are in two locations. 1) Where the windshield meets the hood. 2) Your sunroof (should you have one) The passages by your windshield can be serviced simply by popping your hood and removing any leaves dust or dirt that have accumulated at the bottom of your windshield.  To do this service properly,  remove the plastic liner along the bottom of your windshield, and using a vacuum, clear out all the dirt and leaves that have accumulated.   Be sure to service and clear all the drainage passages down there.  These are the drains that allow the rain water to drain out onto the street below your car.

2)    Check your Oil.

This point cannot be overstated enough.
To get the correct BMW oil service you should learn these 5 answers.
What type of oil does my car take?
5w30? 5w40? Full synthetic, or a blend?
How much oil does my car take?
What oil filter does my car take?
 Is it the correct filter for my car ?
Is it  an original German filter made by a quality company like Maan, Mahle or Hengst?
o    Know how to check your oil level yourself!
On the newest BMW’s this can be done electronically through your idrive.  On older cars this can be checked manually with a dipstick.  In either case you should know how to properly check the oil level and add more if necessary.  (Remember having to too much oil is just as dangerous as having too little).
o    What should a good oil change service cost?
Good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good.  If your paying $59.99 for an oil service that usually cost you $140.00 something is not right.
Typical labor on an oil change is $40.00.  The Oil itself can range from $5-$12 per quart (depending on the oil brand, oil quality and oil type)

3)      Check your BMWs cabin and air filters yearly.  If they are dirty have a them serviced!

Think of your cabin filter like the filter on your air conditioning in your house.  It filters the air you breath while your sitting in the “cabin” of your car.  A clean cabin filter in your car can go a long way in maintain a neutral car smell and keeping allergies in check during pollen season.
Your air filter is just like your cabin filter except  it filters the air your engine breathes.  (Why do I care about the quality of air my engine breathes you ask?)  It’s simple.  By keeping the air inside of your engine clean  you allow for a cleaner combustion cycle thus decrease the chance of needing repairs.  Every dollar of maintenance you spend on servicing your BMW is worth 10 dollars of repairs you avoid in clogged fuel injectors or gunked up breather lines/valves.

4)    Service the belts on your BMW

Drive belts, alternator belts, serpentine belts.
Have these belts checked during your normal BMW service and replaced with original quality BMW parts will allow you to avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns and roadside service.
The belts on your BMW are made of rubber.  With time they become cracked and will eventually break.
These belts are black in color, smooth on one side, ribbed on the other situated in the front of the engine compartment near the radiator and typically last anywhere from 35,000 – 75,000 miles.   Most of these belts run more than 1 system on your car, so when it finally snaps you’ll lose use of multiple systems  i.e. charging system, power steering.  Once your charging system is disabled your car will run for about 10 minutes before you exhaust the remaining reserve power in your battery.   If its the serpentine belt that breaks you car may begin to overheat.
A proper belt service can include replacing just the belt to replacing the belt and all the associated tensioners and pulleys.

5)     Battery Service.

BMW batteries typically last 3-5 years.  It’s best to replace your battery before to avoid experiencing any electrical issues due to failure. When servicing your BMW battery you should always take it to a shop that specializes in BMW.  It’s important the battery is replaced with the appropriate battery in size, Amperage Hours “Ah” , Cold Cranking Amps “CCA” and Chemistry.  Some BMW’s use AGM batteries while others use standard Acid.  Proper BMW battery service also includes registering the new battery with the BMW.  This registration is done by computer.  Unusual electrical issues can occur if the new battery is not registered.  Quality of batteries will greatly vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
        (In many BMW’s the transmission “learns” how you drive your car. Expect slightly different driving dynamics as your car relearns your driving style).

Maintenance support for BMW owners

To keep your vehicle in top working order, service your BMW at regular manufacturers selected intervals, this may include 15,000 mile service, 25,000 mile service, 35,000 mile service and on, depending on the year make and model of your BMW.

BMW service and maintenance for brakes

  • Inspecting proper brake pad and rotor wear for evenness and thickness.
  • Checking calipers are functioning properly both electronically and mechanically

BMW service and maintenance for fluids

  • Brake fluid level
  • Brake fluid type
  • Coolant level
  • Coolant type
  • Transmission fluid level
  • Transmission fluid condition

BMW service and maintenance for oil

  • Oil level
  • Oil condition
  • Oil type
  • Oil filter

BMW service and maintenance for transmission

  • Electronic TCU scan
  • Transmission mount inspection
  • Transmission fluid level inspection

BMW service and maintenance for tires

  • Inspecting tire tread thickness
  • Inspecting general tire wear and tear
  • Checking proper tire pressure and tire direction
  • Tire rotation when necessary and appropriate

BMW service and maintenance for suspension

  • Inspecting spring condition
  • Inspecting spring mount condition
  • Inspecting shock condition
  • Inspecting shock mount condition
  • Upper and lower control arm inspection
  • Upper and lower Tie rod end inspection
  • Stabilizer bar inspection

BMW service and maintenance for engine

  • Electronic DME scan
  • Engine mount inspection
  • Transmission mount inspection
  • Undercarriage leak inspection
  • Secondary air system inspection and hose replacement
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Air Filter replacement
  • Clean and blowout of passages
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