Maintenance support for Saab owners

Many Saab owners are wondering today “where do I take my car for service”.  A Good independent repair shop with Saab expertise is the answer.  With decades of Saab experience and technical know-how L&M Foreign Cars is that repair shop, Saab owners can rest assured that there are still dependable places that perform factory Saab maintenance and repair. To keep your vehicle in top working order, service your Saab at regular manufacturers selected intervals, this may include 15,000 mile service, 25,000 mile service, 35,000 mile service and on, depending on the year make and model of your Saab.

Saab Brake service and maintenance includes:

Checking the Brake Rotors, brake pads, and brake pad sensor, brake drums/brake shoes (if equipped), inspecting the master cylinder and checking your calipers are functioning properly both electronically and mechanically.  We also inspect your Saabs brake rotors for uneven wear, warping or cracking as it is critical in helping to determine if the overall system is in good working order. 

Saab Brake tips to remember

  1. Check your hydraulic fluid level!
  2. Keep lubricants away from your brake surfaces. (If you do accidently spray your brake system, wash it off immediately with brake cleaner).
  3. Use high quality pads and rotors.  They will last longer and provide fewer issues which means more carefree driving for you.
  4. Don’t play with your ABS, it’s a complex system and is really best left to professionals.
  5. A “spongy” brake pedal can be a good indicatory of a sticky caliper, low hydraulic fluid or air in the system.

Saab Cooling system

Pipes hoses, valves, waterpump, radiator, heater cores, expansion tanks, belts pulleys and tensioners are what make up your Saabs cooling system.  Flushing our your cooling system and replacing your coolant will reduce sedimentation buildup and slow the chemical breakdown of the internal parts that come into contact with your coolant.  We offer Saab winterization which includes this coolant flush in addition to an  overall inspection of your Saab.  When adding coolant to your cooling system, always allow  the radiator to push out all the air before replacing the radiator cap. The temperature gauge in your Saab is a great indicator that your fan clutch or blade is in need of service.


Using original Saab fluid for your power steering, brake fluid, transmission fluid or differential is critical.  The pumps and gears are built to handle fluid with specific viscosity at specific temperatures.  To ensure these systems function properly using only OEM Saab fluid is crucial.  The correct fluids for your Saab can be found in your owners manual should you want to keep some of these fluids on hand.

Saab service and maintenance for fluids

  • Brake fluid level
  • Brake fluid type
  • Coolant level
  • Coolant type
  • Transmission fluid level
  • Transmission fluid condition

Saab service and maintenance for oil

  • Oil level
  • Oil condition
  • Oil type
  • Oil filter

Saab service and maintenance for transmission includes

  • Electronic TCU scan
  • Transmission mount inspection
  • Transmission fluid level inspection

Saab service and maintenance for tires

  • Inspecting tire tread thickness
  • Inspecting general tire wear and tear
  • Checking proper tire pressure and tire direction
  • Tire rotation when necessary and appropriate

Saab service and maintenance for suspension

  • Inspecting spring condition
  • Inspecting spring mount condition
  • Inspecting shock condition
  • Inspecting shock mount condition
  • Upper and lower control arm inspection
  • Upper and lower Tie rod end inspection
  • Stabilizer bar inspection

Saab service and maintenance for engines

  • Electronic DME scan
  • Engine mount inspection
  • Transmission mount inspection
  • Undercarriage leak inspection
  • Secondary air system inspection and hose replacement
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Air Filter replacement
  • Clean and blowout of passages
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