What is walnut blasting?

Walnut blasting is the removal of excessive carbon buildup on intake valves by using a walnut shells and compressed air.  Walnut shells are used because they are hard enough to remove carbon buildup and soft enough to not damage the valves themselves, the process is very similar to sandblasting, however it’s taking place under your hood and within a very confined space with specialized tools and cameras to ensure proper carbon removal.

Excessive carbon buildup on intake valves can drastically affect your vehicle and will eventually cause a decrease in power and performance of your engine.  The process of cleaning your intake is delicate and takes a trained professional. Getting this service done every 80,000 miles can be crucial in maintaining your vehicle's performance and reliability.

If you feel your vehicles performance is sluggish and not quite what it used to be, L&M Foreign Cars specializes Walnut Blasting for the N51, N52, N54, N55 BMW engines as well as any of the Audi or VW FSI, TFSI, or TSI engines 2.0T, 4.2, 5.2 or 3.0T engines.

L&M Foreign Cars knows what it takes to maintain your cars peak performance.  Feel free to call or come in, we’re always happy to have a look at your cars intake and render any service your BMW, VW or Audi may need.

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