Volkswagen Exhaust Rattling? We Can Help!

Volkswagen Exhaust Rattling? We Can Help!

Do you get an annoying buzz or rattle underneath your VW when you go over even the slightest of bumps? Or is your exhaust tailpipe hanging lower than it should be, swaying around from side to side?

You’ve probably got one of the typical Volkswagen exhaust issues.

Some of the most common problems you can experience are broken exhaust hangers, and broken exhaust hander hooks.  Exhaust hangers are rubber loops that hold your muffler and exhaust pipe up off the ground There’s usually more than one, depending on the vehicle of course, but each one bears a some of weight from your Volkswagen exhaust system.  Exhaust Hanger hooks are simply the metal hooks that slip into the rubber hangers.  They are welded alongside  the entire exahaust system.

Exhaust Hanger rubber #1ExhaustHangerrubber #2
Old dried out Exhaust Hanger Broken Exhaust Hanger Hook

Good Exhaust Hanger & Hook

Over time, the rubber deteriorates. Small cracks form from weathering and from the exhaust heat, and the exhaust hanger can tear. It may only tear partially or it may tear all the way, resulting in more stress being distributed  on other exhaust components elsewhere in the system. The exhaust system sways around, rattling against the undercarriage or other parts, and can quite possibly drive you totally insane inside your car.

Exhaust hangers can be replaced, restoring the proper positioning and eliminating unnecessary stress on other parts. The other possibility, however, is the exhaust hanger bracket can rust off of the exhaust, whether the muffler or the exhaust pipe. That requires either a re-weld or more likely a muffler or exhaust pipe replacement.

If the problem you have is a buzzing noise under your car, particularly at low RPMs, and oh-so-much worse when you go through a fast-food drive thru window (it resonates off the wall), it’s probably a loose heat shield.

There are heat shields along several critical points on your exhaust system, from the downpipe near the firewall to the catalytic converter and over the muffler. You might think of just taking it off to rid yourself of the noise, but repairing the condition will serve you much better in the long run.

It’s best to address your exhaust issues right away – exhaust repairs get more expensive over time, and here’s why:

  • Stress on your exhaust from a broken hanger can cause more expensive parts to break. What could be a minimal repair initially could cost you hundreds or more if the catalytic converter breaks because of the stress.
  • Exhaust shields protect other components from excessive heat. If they aren’t in place, you could be causing damage to safety-related parts such as brake lines.
  • Low-hanging exhaust systems can get dinged or caught on speed bumps or damaged from dragging. A simple exhaust hanger repair can prevent unnecessary repairs down the line.

Does your Volkswagen have an exhaust rattle that’s driving you crazy? Whether you drive a Jetta or Passat, Tiguan or Touareg, we’ve got you covered. Our professional technicians have experience working on VWs of all years and models, and know the particular issues that plague each one.

For expert Volkswagen exhaust repairs in Brooklyn and the surrounding area, visit us at L & M Foreign Cars.


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