Range Rover Water Issues

Range Rover Water issues 2004-2008

The water coming into your range rover is usually caused  when the connecting elbow at end of the sunroof drains fail.

(degraded sunroof drain connectors)

Once these rubber elbows give way, the drains hang free and redirect all the water onto the floorboards of your Land Rover.

The hose on the passenger side of the vehicle is located behind your Junction Box Electronics (JBE).  The hose on the driver side is located in a similar location and is easier to access.  Simply remove the kick panel and side panel around the OBD connector and you should be able to locate the drain hose rather quickly.

Part of the wiring harness is located at the lowest point along the front floorboards so it is important the get the water issue in your Land Rover taken care as soon as you become aware of it as water damage to your wiring harness is soon to follow.

(Corroded wire)

Common electrical issues experienced as a result of water ingress are
Sunroof issues
Drivers seat issues
Mirror issues

These electrical issues occur when your wiring harness becomes corroded by the water it's been emersed in.  The wires are mostly vulnerable at the splice points .Splice point locations will vary depending on the date and  facility your Land Rover was produced.

It is NOT advised that you attempt this repair by yourself.  The Junction Box Electronics has a total of 6 connectors.  Two of these connectors are located on the back of the Junction box and are very difficult to access even for professionals as there is very little room.  Additionally accessing the wiring harness is difficult, as several panels will need to be removed, additionally there are multiple splice points in hard to reach locations.

(wiring harness along passenger side)

The best way to avoid these costly electrical repairs is to replace the drain connectors as soon as you start noticing a damp car or wet floorboards.

L&M Foreign Cars has a tremendous amount of experience in all aspects of Range Rover service and maintenance.  Whether your water issue has just begun or has been going on for years we're well equipped and ready to handle all your Range Rover needs.


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