Our Independent Repair Facility is Fully Equipped To Provide Your BMW Factory Scheduled Maintenance Needs

Regardless of the make, model, age, and odometer reading of your BMW, the key to keeping it running reliably, safely, and smoothly now and well in the future is having it scheduled for maintenance according to factory recommendations. A handful of BMW owners have the expertise and tools to perform some jobs, such as oil changes. That’s not the case for the vast majority of BMW owners. When the perform-maintenance reminder illuminates, most BMW owners ask themselves a critical question: “Do I have to head to the dealership or can I look for an independent shop for BMW maintenance and service near me?”

Misconceptions Can Cost YouIt’s a fallacy that in order to keep your warranty valid you must have your BMW serviced at a dealership. Of course, most dealerships aren’t quick to point this out. It’s in their best interest to allow BMW owners to believe pursuing independent BMW scheduled maintenance will void their warranty. The fact is, it’s simply not true. Whether your BMW is still under warranty or not, the right independent shop can save you money and time and deliver the same quality factory scheduled maintenance as a dealership.

BMW Annual Factory Scheduled Maintenance Checklist

You’ll know when it’s time for service because your amazing car will tell you via a service indicator light. But you can plan ahead by knowing what to expect. Some of the items that need serviced annually or every 10,000 miles (whichever comes first) include: oil and filter change, brake service, engine coolant and wiper fluid top off, wiper blade replacement, and evaluation of rubber hoses and belts.

Semi-Annual BMW Maintenance Checklist

Some services aren’t necessarily needed annually. Your vehicle’s power steering, exhaust system, steering system, and brake and clutch systems should be evaluated by a skilled auto technician once your mileage reaches 30,000. After the first evaluation, you should have these components serviced every additional 60,000 miles. Once your odometer reaches 60,000 miles, you should take it in to have spark plugs and air filters replaced, parking brake and flexible boots checked, and carriage evaluated for rust.

Finding a Qualified BMW Service Center

Dealership service centers tend to be more expensive, less convenient, and less personable than independent repair shops. Once you decide you prefer an independent, you need to choose one. L&M Foreign cars provides some of the most experienced and skilled import service and repair Brooklyn NYhas to offer. Our shop has been proudly servicing fine import vehicles in Brooklyn since 1969. Our Master Technicians have the expertise and training to keep your BMW running optimally, and our repair shop is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to allow our technicians to do their jobs. Here, you’ll find no attitudes or arrogance. You’ll find a team of friendly and helpful car enthusiasts committed to providing outstanding service each and every time.

When it’s time to take your Brooklyn-area BMW for maintenance, contact us. You’ll be glad you did.


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