Our Certified Service Center Is Available For Your BMW Maintenance Needs

Regular service and maintenance is key to keeping your BMW at top performance. When it comes to maintaining a foreign and luxury vehicle, choosing a repair shop to provide these services can be a confusing and difficult decision-making process.

BMW is a pioneer brand in the luxury car category and designed for top-level performance, luxury and comfort. A prized possession to any owner, a BMW is expensive to purchase and maintain. This is especially the case if you use a dealership over an independent repair shop for repair and maintenance.

Many BMW owners are skeptical about trusting an independent repair shop with their cars or are unsure about how they’re different from dealerships. If you own a BMW or other foreign vehicle and are looking for BMW auto service and repair in Brooklyn, NY, read on to learn more about your options.

Dealerships and Lower Quality Shops

Dealerships typically only use the manufacturer service schedule when addressing your vehicle’s needs. Dealerships also tend to overcharge for services and try to up-sell by attempting to suggest unnecessary add-ons. As dealerships also sell vehicles, there’s a chance you’ll be encouraged or pressured to purchase a new vehicle or trade your current model in for a newer version. Many car owners looking for repairs or other vehicle services don’t feel like hearing a sales pitch, which is one reason to avoid dealerships. Dealerships also tend to be busier and rush through your service, as well.

If you do decide to go to a repair shop, make sure it’s a high quality, certified service center and not a low quality repair center. Do your research and ensure that the center you’re considering is certified for servicing your brand of vehicle before making a decision.

Certified Service CentersExpert BMW Repair Shop

If you’re still asking, “Why should I choose an independent BMW repair shop over the dealership?” There are several more benefits to choosing an independent repair shop over a dealership. By opting for an experienced and capable BMW service provider, you’ll receive the same quality of service as you would at a dealership, if not better, for a lower price.

Our certified BMW service center offers affordable and convenient BMW service, repair and maintenance from highly qualified mechanics. Because we’re an independent auto service and repair shop instead of a busy dealership, our experts are able to personally address your concerns, provide the best customer service and deliver faster, longer-lasting results.

As a certified BMW service provider, our mechanics are highly trained and aware of the intricacies under the hood of German import vehicles. Special training and field experience has equipped our professionals to accurately and thoroughly diagnose any technical and mechanical problems in your car and take steps to repair them.

If you’re looking for a local certified BMW center you can trust to provide a cost-effective custom service plan and high-quality customer service, contact usto discuss your needs and bring your vehicle in for an evaluation.


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