Land Rover Air Suspension Issues

Land Rover Air Suspension Issues

If you drive a Land Rover, chances are the soft, comfortable ride is one of the main features that won you over. Then, once you took a closer look, you found the suspension is adjustable depending on road conditions, elevation changes, and even parking situations. It’s pretty neat stuff.

The suspension on many Land Rover brand vehicles is air suspension, but you probably already know that. It’s electronically controlled with that selector on your console which provides precision adjustments from the compressor to each of the air struts.

Unfortunately, as much as we’d like vehicle parts to last forever, it’s not always the case. the Land Rover’s electronic air suspension is no different, and when it fails, it often does so in spectacular fashion.

Leaking Struts

The issue usually starts out as a minor air leak in one of the strut air bladders or lines. Just a tiny leak can cause the strut to lower slightly, constantly requiring the compressor to top it up. That leak will usually grow and you’ll probably notice that your suspension will start sagging slightly in the front or rear, particularly to the side with a leaking air strut.


That leaking air strut needs to be replaced as soon as possible or phase two of the issue will commence very soon after. What is phase two, you ask? That’s when the compressor gets too tired to keep feeding air to the strut constantly.

Failed Compressor

The compressor doesn’t just shut off, either. The compressor either gets louder and louder or seizes up entirely. Now you really have a problem. In both scenarios the compressor can’t send air pressure to any of the air struts, so the corner with the leaking strut will drop and drop. Now if you change the air suspension ride height, it will lower but won’t go back up.


The correction for this air suspension problem on your Land Rover requires an expensive air ride compressor replacement. It might be avoidable if you replace the air struts before the compressor quits, which is why it’s so important to deal with Land Rover suspension issues immediately.


On top of the replacement air struts and compressor, often it’s necessary to calibrate the air suspension for the new components. If the calibration is not done, your air ride will be inactive, essentially limiting your Land Rover’s ride height to the minimum.

The key to keeping air ride suspension repair costs low is early detection. If you notice your Land Rover doesn’t seem like it’s riding quite right or if you have a warning light come on, get it checked right away.

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