BMW Water Pump Replacement.

BMW Water Pump Replacement.

BMW carries electric water pumps on the N51, N52, N54, N55, engines that need to be replaced every 50,000-75,000 miles.  A few advantages of the BMW’s electric driven water pump are equal distribution of coolant (since the pump is not belt driven) and increased power.
Water pumps play a critical role in keeping your BMW’s engine within proper operating temperature.  Without a properly working water pump and thermostat your BMW will soon overheat and breakdown.
    When replacing the water pump we recommend changing the thermostat as well.  It’s important to take your car to a BMW specialist when replacing the water pump since there are special installation procedures as well as bleeding procedures that will need to be carried out after installation.  Some common DME codes associated with a failed or failing water pump are 

2E81- Electric coolant pump speed deviation, speed outside specified range

2E82- Electric coolant cut off, over current

It should be noted that electric water pumps should be part of your preventative maintenance plan for keeping your BMW road worthy.  It will not last the lifetime of the car and by replacing your water pump and thermostat as a scheduled maintenance you may avoid costly unplanned roadside breakdowns and unreliable repairs from shops that may not have the expertise in replacing an Electric BMW water pump.  At L&M Foreign Cars we have the parts tools and experience necessary to get your water pump serviced in a timely and professional manner. So if your experiencing any coolant issues with your BMW give us a call today.


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