An Independent VW Repair Shop Saves You Money without Sacrificing Service

An Independent VW Repair Shop Saves You Money without Sacrificing Service

You’ve been taking great care of your Volkswagen vehicle, but now it needs repairs. Trying to decide whether to take it to your local independent repair shop or across town to the dealership can cause you a huge headache. But rest easy. You can save your time and your money using a local shop, and still get impeccable service with a personalized touch. Here are some of the benefits of an independent specialist versus a dealership for VW service and repair.

How to Save Money on Volkswagen Repair

Let’s face it. In today’s economy, saving money is what it’s all about. With an independent shop, you can save money on both parts and labor and still get great service for your car. A dealership is only able to order original equipment (OEM) parts; however, an independent can offer you both OEM as well as generic aftermarket parts, which can be just as high in quality.

An independent VW repair shop can save you big bucks. In the larger dealership, the cost of all those huge facilities and additional staff are passed on to the consumer via higher rates on your repairs. Your costs with the smaller local shop will be much lower, and the turnaround time for your repair is often shorter than at a dealership.

Personalized Care

Getting to know the mechanic who is actually working on your car can go a long way in the comfort level you feel in leaving your beloved VW in good hands. At an independent shop, you build relationships with those that handle your vehicle, giving you confidence that the repairs will handled with care. Independents are able to give personal care to your vehicle and are more responsive to your phone calls, as well as keeping you up to date on their findings during the repair. With a dealership, you tend to be more of a number rather than a person, and you may never know who worked on your car, much less feel confident in their skills. For a large dealership, you may even find it difficult to reach a live person to discuss the repairs over the phone.

Convenient Locations

Independent VW repair shops are typically closer to your home or business and easier to get to than a dealership. You may have to travel a lot farther to get to a larger dealership, and with traffic to deal with, convenience is on the plus side for the smaller shops.

If you are looking for affordable VW repair and maintenance in Brooklyn, NY,contact us. With 40 years of experience, we are all about customer service and have the expertise to answer any questions you might have about your car’s service.


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