5 Things That Can Happen to Your BMW in Winter

5 Things That Can Happen To Your BMW In WinterWinter BMW maintenance is an important aspect of prepping for the change to colder temperatures. Just like any other time of the year, your vehicle can experience issues during winter that might require immediate attention. With these five possible concerns and their solutions, you can be better prepared for potential season specific pitfalls and pick up tips on how to take care of your BMW during the winter.

1. Your BMW Battery Could Fail

Often, a battery and cold weather do not go well together. Low temperatures and harsh winter conditions, such as ice, can negatively affect the performance of your vehicles battery. Though batteries are prone to failing regardless of the season, cold weather adds additional strain.

2. Cooling System

It’s important to make sure checking your cooling system is on your winter BMW preparedness checklist. You’ll need antifreeze that will protect your BMW at the temperatures your area experiences each winter season.

Antifreeze also helps to safeguard your cooling system against corrosion. With this in mind, it’s crucial to inspect the engine’s coolant regularly. Also, inspect to see if there are any leaks in your coolant system and if so, get them resolve sooner rather than later.

3. Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are essential for all seasons but perhaps even more so in the winter when weather can include large amounts of precipitation, such as freezing rain, ice and snow. Wipers provide a clear view of the road ahead and should be replaced regularly to keep your visibility at its best.

Obvious signs of wear and tear on your wipers like cracking, tearing and streaking should indicate how often to replace wiper blades on your BMW, but every six months is the time frame recommended by wiper blade manufacturers.

4. Window Defroster

With colder temperatures outside your windows can become covered in frost. Frost can reduce visibility, adding to the already poor driving conditions winter weather can cause. Making sure your front defrost and rear window defroster are operating properly can help prevent these common winter issues and ensure you have good visibility for navigating the highways.

BMW Winter Tips5. Windshield And Headlamp Washers

Why are windshield washers important? Usually it’s the wipers that get our attention when in need of replacement, but checking the washer system regularly is just as vital to your BMW. Remember to check and top off your windshield washer fluid routinely, especially during the winter months.

Salt or sand on the roads, as well as other grime, can increase the amount of work your wipers will have to do, not to mention how frequently you will be cleaning the windshield and headlamps. Be sure to fill your washer reservoir with freeze-resistant fluid to prevent any harm to your vehicle.

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