The suspension on your vehicle is what keeps your vehicle smooth when going over pot holes and speed bumps.  Keeping it well maintained and in good working condition is important for safety as well as comfort. There is no shortage of potholes and speed bumps here in New York.  L&M Foreign Cars has been providing excellent suspension service for over 50 years.

Traditional suspension systems consist of shocks, struts, springs, bump mounts, shock mounts, sway bar links, and control arms although all components involved in connecting the tires to the chassis of the vehicle can be considered part of the suspension.

Some common symptoms of a suspension that may need service are excessive bouncing, reduced stability (especially when making turns), excessive tire wear on the inner or our edges, leaking struts or unusual noises when going over bumps or potholes.

Struts and shocks begin to leak over time which can result in dangerous driving conditions. Leaking shocks/struts can result in decreased vehicle stabilization and a lower ride height profile.


Air shocks are now quite common on BMW, Range Rover & Mercedes.  Some common issues on these systems include
Leaking air struts
failed air compressors
damaged height level sensors

Here at L&M Foreign Cars, we offer a free safety inspection which includes a thorough review of your vehicles undercarriage and suspension.  We also offer full suspension diagnostic and repair services for all your suspension needs.

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