If you drive a BMW, Audi, VW, Range Rover, Minicooper or Mercedes chances are your vehicle has a sunroof.  All Vehicles with sunroofs have drains that require service. Just like gutters on the roof of a house, there are passages that become blocked up with debris over time and need to be cleaned out.

 Depending on whether you park on the street or an indoor garage your roof drains will require servicing.  Cars that are parked outside under trees will require this service more frequently. This service includes removing the cowling around each wheel to access the end of the drain which usually fills with debris over the course of the year.  Once the debris is removed a gentle stream of water and low pressure air is passed through each of the drains to ensure each one if 100% clear and ready to perform.

These drains run down the A-pillar of your vehicle in both the front and rear and routes the water to the street below.  Many vehicles have also have drains near the bottom of the doors.

At L&M Foreign Cars we recommend  yearly maintenance on your vehicles drains to keep your passages clear in order to keep any water from rain or a car wash flowing down to the street and not into the cabin of your vehicle.  When water does get into the cabin of a car it can quickly cause expensive electrical issues as well as an unwanted mold and must. Feel Free to contact us at L&M Foreign Cars today to schedule your yearly roof drain service.

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