Braking is one of the most important safety features in any car today.  It is also one of the most frequently used which is why quality brake service is so important. Whether it's a yearly brake maintenance/service, ABS system service/troubleshooting , emergency brake cable service,  upgraded ceramic brake pads with cross drilled brake rotors or a simple test drive L&M Foreign Cars is ready to meet your needs.

A very simple explanation of how a brake system works.  Pushing your brake pedal causes a chain reaction that results in brake fluid  causing your caliper to squeeze the brake pad against the brake rotor, this friction is what facilitates your car to stop when you want it to.

To keep your brake system in proper working order basic maintenance is required   This includes servicing of your brake fluid, brake discs, brake pads and brake hoses.

As a courtesy, here at L&M we provide free visual inspections of your brake system and free testing of your brake fluid.  This includes a visual inspection of your brake pads and rotors for proper thickness and wear, as well as chemical analysis of your brake fluid to ensure it’s within spec.


A brake fluid flush entails changing out your old brake fluid for fresh clean fluid.  Over time brake fluid can absorb water or break down due to heat. Brake fluid today is glycol based and naturally absorbs moisture from the air.   Brake fluid that contains moisture can compress and or boil which means it is less efficient at braking (it’ll take longer to stop). At L&M Foreign Cars we will personally show you the chemical test of your brake fluid before we change it to determine if it’s necessary and do follow up testing after it’s done to show you the results.

A thorough brake flush can take about 45 minutes and includes vacuuming out the old fluid from your brake fluid reservoir, refilling it with fresh clean fluid and then flushing out each individual brake line to all four calipers.

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