3/7/2018 Chris Billy the owner of L&M has worked on the different cars I've had over the last 25 years; from an Audi 5000 to the Lexus GX470. He has always fitted me into his schedule when I needed work done. Billy is a knowledgeable mechanic who can fix what others can't. He has taught mechanics. He explains the problem in simple terms For these reasons he is worthy of 5 stars.
2/11/2018 Wayne I first went to L&M Auto repair about 30 years ago .. when I moved out of Brooklyn my daughter who still lived there used their services for her Toyota truck .. I hadn’t been there in maybe 10 years when I began having problems with my son s Audi that no mechanic seemed able to fix. Then the light went off in my head .. L&M .. so I took the 45 minutes ride to Brooklyn and they solved the repair .. the next time I went a few years later was for my daughter s 325 bmw convertible. While going to school near Atlanta she had problems with the car .. they ga e her a new battery then a new alternator then s new starter and the car kept failing. I had it towed to ny and L&M found and repaired the shirt that no one in Atlanta could fix . When you have a problem like a shirt no ordinary mechanic is capable of a repair line that . So when you have an Auto problem that no one else can fix L&M will find and fix the problem
3/28/2017 Ahmed I took my 2011 BMW X5 to L&M due to vibration everytime i'm making a turn. I met with Michael and Bill, They told me what needs to be done and pointed out some other issues that BMW Quality life tech could not advice me off, after they ran diagnostic . My Suv was finished in timely manner and run great. I would highly recommend them and use their service again.
1/20/2017 Michael Hall An engine belt on my 2005 Mini broke and I could barely drive the car to L&M without it overheating. Car was repaired same day and I have had no further issues! They do a great job.
9/23/2016 Michael Negron I have a 08 BMW 535Xi. Car kept turning off with a "engine malfunction" & "fuel pump malfunction" message. After 15 min the car would turn on and run fine. The BMW dealership diagnosed the problem wrong 3 times. BMW had me replace high pressure fuel pump (warranty). Got the car back, same prob. BMW had me replace the low pressure fuel pump & low fuel pressure sensor ($1900) got the car back, same prob. I heard about L&M from a BMW forum and decided to give them a try. They fixed the car. Got it right the first time. Turned out to be the fuel pump module. This is NOT the place to come to if your penny pinching and on a budget. There fee just to look at the car was $120, there labor is $110 an hour and they only use dealer parts at least in my case anyway. But you get what you pay for in this world. There mechanics and owners really know there stuff! And they seem very passionate about there work. The thing I appreciated the most was 2 weeks before I even decided to actually bring them my car I called to ask a question and spoke to Mark, I was stunned out how much time he took to talk to me about my car. I wasn't even a customer yet and he's taking so much time to talk. Rarely will you find that in NYC. The other thing that blew me away was the follow up. The Dad, Billy and the son, Mark both called me to ask how the car was running. I thought 100% I must owe these guys money otherwise why would they be calling me lol. Fixed my complex problem in one try. Took them a few days. May be expensive to some people. I would recommend going here with your foreign car over anyone else in Brooklyn. I've learned that you can't have an average joe working on your way above average car. I'll def be back.
9/22/2016 Lee Lon I went to a well known garage in Sheepshead , told them my problem, paid a huge bill, but the problem got worse. L&M had the solution to my VW problem. Damage to my trans was severe due to the incompetence of the first garage. Glad I found L&M eventually. Services rendered were fully explained. I have been pleased with the results.
8/25/2016 Deveron Aitken They got the best system to tell what the problem and fix the problem
8/12/2016 Kenneth Gilbert Friendly and customer oriented. Very knowledgeable about my Porsche.
8/2/2016 Jimmy The first time I went to L & M I received above and beyond what I expected. The first time I went there my car wasn't running, Mark went to where my car was and charged it, he didn't have to do that and he didn't charge me either. I read all the excellent reviews and I have to say that it is true. They told me that the front rotors and pads needed to be replaced and I had mentioned to another shop that their was something wrong with the car when I braked, the other place said that their wasn't anything wrong. They know what they're doing. Set up an appointment, you won't be disappointed.
6/29/2016 Cole R I bought a used Audi wagon with over 100K miles on it, needless to say there were plenty of problems that needed attention and Billy and Michael were patient and professional with explaining what I needed and what it was going to cost me down the road to have the repairs done. Their work was thorough and their ability to diagnose problems is efficient and precise. If you are shopping around for an honest mechanic in NYC these are your guys. I have run into other Audi owners in Brooklyn who also use L&M for maintenance and everyone has the same opinion, Great mechanics!