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  • Which one is the right oil for my car? 5W-30, 0W-30 what does it mean?

    Posted on 15, December, 2016

    Which one is the right oil for my car? 5W-30, 0W-30 what does it all mean?


    Viscosity Viscosity Viscosity

    The title of the oil is meant to communicate the type & thickness of the oil at different temperatures (having the correct thickness a.k.a. viscosity is what this article will be mostly about).

    The W in the name 5W-30 standards for Winter and simply means this oil has been tested at colder temperatures.  (Oils without the W in their name i.e. SAE 30 have not been tested for cold weather performance.

    At normal operating temperatures (210°F)  5W-30 and 10W-30 will both flow at a SAE viscosity of 30, but under much colder temperatures 5W-30 will flow at an SAE viscosity of 5.   10W-30 will flow at an SAE viscosity of 100-W30 will flow with a viscosity of zero in cold temperatures(meaning freely, with negligible resistance).

    Oil that is too thick to flow under cold temperatures results in dry starts.  Oil that is able to stay thin under cold conditions and retain it's film strength results in fewer dry starts and much less engine wear.


    The important thing to remember here is that 0W-30, 5W-30 & 10W-30 all flow at the same rate under normal engine operating temperatures.  It’s only under cold start conditions that there is any difference between them.

    Regardless of what car you drive, whether it be a BMW, Audi, MiniCooper, Land Rover, Mercedes or Volvo It’s always best to use oil that is recommended for your engine by the manufacturer.  The oil pump and clearances within your engine have all been designed to handle a specific viscosity of oil to lubricate your engine, so using the correct oil with help ensure proper oil flow and all the benefits that go along with it.

    What’s an oil additive?  A mixture of chemicals usually used to enhance engine oil performance.

    They are often used to achieve additional lubrication, stabilize the oil at higher temperatures, prevent engine wear or reduce fuel consumption.

    Examples: Liquid Molly,Lucas conditioner, Bestline.

    What’s the different between crude oil, original, full synthetic ,synthetic blend?

    Crude oil: The black stuff they find in the ground (not used in cars in this form)

    Original/conventional: Refined crude oil consisting of a certain fraction separated by weight.

    Full Synthetic: Chemical compounds wholly manufactured and separated into homogenous petroleum molecules of a specific size and weight.

    Synthetic blend:  A mixture of conventional motor oil & synthetic.

    Synthetic oil offers more protection than conventional oil and can stand higher heat before breaking down.

    Not all Synthetic oils are created equal and their formulas/ingredients can vary widely from brand to brand.

    While synthetic oils are far more expensive than conventional oil, they usually provide better engine protection than conventional oil or synthetic blends.

    If you drive a VW, BMW, Audi, Mini Cooper, Land Rover, Mercedes or Volvo made within the last 15 years, your car probably requires synthetic oil, but always be sure to check with your cars service manual.

  • BMW & Oil Filter Housing Gasket Leaks

    Posted on 03, May, 2016

    So you’ve gotten the news. Your BMW is leaking from the oil filter housing gasket.   O MAN!!!!!
    Your first thoughts.

    1. What is an oil filter housing gasket?
    2. What will this repair cost?
    3. Is this part of normal maintenance?
    4. Can I do anything to keep this from happening again?


    The oil filter housing is simply the part that the oil filter sits in within your engine compartment.  The housing allows oil to flow through and around the oil filter.

    On BMW’s the oil filter housing is mounted to the engine.  A gasket is required where these parts interface.  The gasket becomes brittle and cracks over time allowing oil to leak or seep out.

    There are actually two gaskets that start leaking over time on your BMW.  One is the oil filter cap gasket (which is changed alongside the filter when you do an oil change).  It’s the gasket that mates the oil filter housing with the engine block which is the more costly oil leak.

    The cost of this repair varies widely on BMW’s due to the different engine designs BMW has put out

    Some BMW OFGH (Oil Filter Housing Gasket) repairs are simple and straight forward, the technician will need only to change 2 gaskets (the oil filter housing gasket and the oil cooler seal). It’s about $30 parts and 1 hour of labor, costing a total of $150 for the repair.

     Some OFGH repairs are far more complicated.  Requiring 5.5 hours of labor and a dozen parts, including gaskets, breather hoses, valves & seals. The bill can be around any from $500- $1600 with an average bill of $1200.  (The higher end if the valve covers need replacement).

    There is really no BMW maintenance you can do to avoid this repair, it’s simply part of the experience of owning a BMW and completely normal.

        Some common symptoms your BMW OFGH is leaking:

    1. Oil spots near the front of your engine.
    2. Oil leaking on and around the intake manifold.


    Oil Filter housing gasket leaks should be caught during your normal BMW service and or maintenance.  If your mechanic is a qualified BMW technician he’ll know the proper and most common places to the spot small oil leaks on your BMW before they become big oil leaks.  It’s important to spot these leaks early since oil is corrosive to petroleum based gaskets, seals , belts and hoses on your BMW.  Even a minor leak can be a serious threat.  Furthermore by keeping you BMW‘s engine clean it will perform better, last longer and repairs/maintenance will cost less.

  • Why You Should Trust Your BMW Battery Replacement To Our Experienced Import Car Experts

    Posted on 11, February, 2015

    When it's time to service or maintain your BMW, you probably take it to a qualified BMW repair facility to have brakes serviced, tires rotated, and fluids and filters changed. However, if you are handy with a wrench, you may ask yourself questions like, “Can I Replace a BMW battery myself?” and “Why do I need to have my BMW battery changed by an expert?” The answer to the first question is easy. Yes, you probably can, but you shouldn’t. You’ve made a significant investment in your vehicle. It’s unwise to cut corners for the sake of saving a few dollars. Read on for the answer to the second question.

    The Battery is the Heart of Your Vehicle: It Deserves Professional BMW Battery Replacement


    While it's possible for many people to buy a car battery at an auto-repair shop, remove their old battery, and hook up the new one, it is far wiser to entrust this job to an expert BMW repair and maintenance facility. One reason is that a professional BMW service center will replace your BMW battery with a powerful, durable original-equipment BMW battery that delivers outstanding performance and extreme resilience you can count on.


    Trustworthy Power for Your Vehicle


    When your car is powered by a superior OEM BMW battery, you have the peace of mind knowing you’ll receive a reliable energy supply even in extreme heat and cold. When you rely on a generic battery from your local auto parts store to do the job, you never know when your BMW’s many battery-dependent comfort functions (including seat heating and seat adjustment) and efficient dynamics features (including auto start and stop) will create too much drain on the battery and prevent these features from working properly. 

    Battery Service from L&M Foreign Cars


    When it's time to replace your car’s battery, trust the job to the most skilled BMW service specialists Brooklyn, NY has to offer. You can find them at our Utica Avenue BMW specialty shop, L&M Foreign Cars. Not only will our friendly BMW service experts replace your battery, they’ll also evaluate the battery connections and make sure there are no additional maintenance needs. They will also register your new battery. This is something do-it-yourselfers can’t easily do. Registration ensures that you’ll enjoy unrestricted use of all of your BMW’s comfort and efficient dynamics functions.


    Additionally, we will dispose of your old battery in an environmentally friendly manner. (You can’t simply toss a car battery in the trash, as it’s considered hazardous.)


    Your BMW is a fine piece of machinery and probably one of your biggest investments. Don’t cut corners when it’s time to replace your battery. Instead,contact us for expert battery replacement. We’ll do the job right and take care of disposal and registration so you don’t have to.

  • Our Independent Repair Facility is Fully Equipped To Provide Your BMW Factory Scheduled Maintenance Needs

    Posted on 11, February, 2015

    Regardless of the make, model, age, and odometer reading of your BMW, the key to keeping it running reliably, safely, and smoothly now and well in the future is having it scheduled for maintenance according to factory recommendations. A handful of BMW owners have the expertise and tools to perform some jobs, such as oil changes. That’s not the case for the vast majority of BMW owners. When the perform-maintenance reminder illuminates, most BMW owners ask themselves a critical question: “Do I have to head to the dealership or can I look for an independent shop for BMW maintenance and service near me?”

    Misconceptions Can Cost YouIt’s a fallacy that in order to keep your warranty valid you must have your BMW serviced at a dealership. Of course, most dealerships aren’t quick to point this out. It’s in their best interest to allow BMW owners to believe pursuing independent BMW scheduled maintenance will void their warranty. The fact is, it’s simply not true. Whether your BMW is still under warranty or not, the right independent shop can save you money and time and deliver the same quality factory scheduled maintenance as a dealership.


    BMW Annual Factory Scheduled Maintenance Checklist


    You’ll know when it’s time for service because your amazing car will tell you via a service indicator light. But you can plan ahead by knowing what to expect. Some of the items that need serviced annually or every 10,000 miles (whichever comes first) include: oil and filter change, brake service, engine coolant and wiper fluid top off, wiper blade replacement, and evaluation of rubber hoses and belts.


    Semi-Annual BMW Maintenance Checklist


    Some services aren’t necessarily needed annually. Your vehicle’s power steering, exhaust system, steering system, and brake and clutch systems should be evaluated by a skilled auto technician once your mileage reaches 30,000. After the first evaluation, you should have these components serviced every additional 60,000 miles. Once your odometer reaches 60,000 miles, you should take it in to have spark plugs and air filters replaced, parking brake and flexible boots checked, and carriage evaluated for rust.


    Finding a Qualified BMW Service Center


    Dealership service centers tend to be more expensive, less convenient, and less personable than independent repair shops. Once you decide you prefer an independent, you need to choose one. L&M Foreign cars provides some of the most experienced and skilled import service and repair Brooklyn NY has to offer. Our shop has been proudly servicing fine import vehicles in Brooklyn since 1969. Our Master Technicians have the expertise and training to keep your BMW running optimally, and our repair shop is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to allow our technicians to do their jobs. Here, you’ll find no attitudes or arrogance. You’ll find a team of friendly and helpful car enthusiasts committed to providing outstanding service each and every time. 


    When it’s time to take your Brooklyn-area BMW for maintenance, contact us. You’ll be glad you did.

  • An Independent BMW Repair Shop Can Have The Same Capabilities As The BMW Dealerships

    Posted on 18, January, 2015

    If your BMW is due for maintenance services, you may have reservations about taking it to an independent repair shop instead of an official BMW or import car dealership. However, the benefits of choosing an independent BMW repair shop versus the dealership should resolve any concerns you may have about this option.


    It is true that foreign cars require varied maintenance and different care than those manufactured in the U.S. This is why many owners of import vehicles think that the only place to receive proper service from correctly trained professionals is at the specific import car’s dealership. To all BMW owners facing the question,“Do I have to take my BMW to the dealership to be serviced?” allow us to answer your question and debunk some myths to make your life much easier.


    The Customer Service Factor


    Unlike branded dealerships, independent auto repair shops are specifically dedicated to providing repairs and maintenance, which leads to greater individual attention and better customer service than a big dealership could offer. Independent shops are focused on caring for each customer’s specific needs. 


    It’s very common for a dealership, on the other hand, to have a waiting list of cars in need of repair. So, unlike an independent repair shop, your car is more likely to be thrown into an assembly line of other cars and rushed through the service process. They may not be able to take the proper amount of time to assess your vehicle and actually diagnose the issue well enough to determine and take the steps to fix your vehicle’s problem for the long-term.


    Specialized Service Team

    BMW Dealership Options

    When you are deciding on a mechanic to work on your import vehicle, be sure to choose one with an ASE, or Automotive Service Excellence, Certification. This is an indication that the mechanic is deemed highly qualified in the automotive repair industry. ASE is a certification organization for the auto repair industry, which distributes in-depth tests that each require two years of hands-on work in order to pass.


    There are also advantages of establishing a business relationship with a local BMW repair shop. Once you find a repair shop you like with mechanics you can trust, continue to use their services if you are able to. This way, mechanics will develop a familiarity with the history of your car, enabling them to repair your vehicle faster. This can also save you money on your repair bill. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with leaving your vehicle in the hands of mechanics you’ve spent time getting to know and trust.


    New Car Warranty Protection


    Another question BMW owners often ask before choosing to use an independent repair shop is: “Will my BMW warranty be invalid if I don’t go directly to a BMW dealership?” The simple answer to this question - no. An independent shop has just as much of an ability to keep a car’s warranty intact and up-to-date as a dealership does. Choosing an independent repair shop for any maintenance does not void a vehicle’s warranty.


    The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act addresses this issue, ensuring that independent repair shops can provide services to vehicles in accordance to the manufacturers’ maintenance schedules without voiding the warranty.


    Savings On Repairs & Service


    Independent Repair Shops typically charge less than a dealership would for the same services. Because they have a larger overhead to pay for, they have more of an incentive to charge as much as possible for their work.


    In comparison, an independent repair shop doesn’t have the same overhead and costs to worry about, so they have the freedom to be more competitive with their prices.


    If you’d like to learn more about our services, contact us to speak to one of our dedicated customer service experts.

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